Finding Home, spring 2024

Paul Young, Baxter Kruger and Paul Golf are visiting Ede in spring 2024
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Paul Young and Baxter Kruger will visit Eldad! We are able to enjoy their beautiful message. They will visit Eldad in spring 2024. We will be part of their passion for Jesus and His family. They are accompanied by Paul Golf (Bristol, VK) and David Peck (Toronto, Canada) and after their visit to Eldad they will travel further to England and Scotland.

Together they can make us more practically and theologically acquainted with the ideas of Trinity theology. During this weekend they lead us into the good news of the gospel, in which we are included in the love and life of God, and in which we can be at home with the divine family. Hence the theme of the weekend: “Finding Home.”

Attention: the conference will be translated into Dutch!

Wm. Paul Young

Wm. Paul Young

Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack, Eve, Crossroads, The Shack Reflections, and most recently, The Lies We Believe About God, was born a Canadian and raised among a stone-age tribe by his missionary parents in the highlands of what was Netherlands New Guinea (now West Papua). He suffered great loss as a child and young adult, and now enjoys the “wastefulness of grace” with his family in the Pacific Northwest. Paul’s life speaks of the potency of love and forgiveness, the arduous road of reconciliation, the freedom of transformational healing, the surprises of grace and community, and the unexpected emergence of joy. The Young family are part of a larger community that believes LIFE is bigger than death.

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, author of The Great Dance, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, The Shack Revisited, and most recently, Patmos. Baxter travels extensively, speaking to audiences around the world about the Good News of our inclusion in the love of the Father, Son and Spirit. He has been married to his wife Beth for 34 years. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Baxter studied in Aberdeen in the 1990s and is the founder and President of Perichoresis and lives in Brandon, Mississippi.

Paul Golf

Paul Golf

Paul works as a cultural commentator and prophetic voice in multiple fields, including academia, the church, business, and politics. He has been a senior leader in two pentecostal churches, and together with his wife Grace runs Champions of Hope, an itinerant ministry dedicated to facilitating renewal and encounter with Jesus through the gospel in the Western church and Middle East. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and worked extensively with underground church leaders in China to co-author the book The Coming Chinese Church in 2013. In 2020 he wrote and facilitated the first Introducing the Trinitarian Faith course.

The schedule for this weekend (Subject to change)

Friday tbd

19:00 Registration
19:30 Opening conference
19:45 Give God the honor
20:00 Paul Young

Saturday tbd

09:30 Walk-in
09:45 Give God the honor
10:00 Paul Golf
12:00 Lunchbreak
14:00 Start workshops round 1
15:00 Teabreak
15:30 Start workshops round 2
16:30 Dinerbreak (to organize by yourself)
19:30 Walk-in
19:45 Give God the honor
20:00 Baxter Kruger

Sunday tbd

10:00 Walk-in
10:30 Church service with table of the Lord
12:00 Lunchbreak
13:30 Give God the honor
13:45 Round table with Paul Young, Baxter Kruger and Paul Golf led by David Peck
15:00 End of the conference

Do I need a ticket for the Sunday morning service?

No, the Sunday morning service is a regular Eldad service. While there is a good chance that Paul Young and Baxter Kruger will be present, it is not certain that they will have any input into the service. Of course we expect a lot of people, so be on time, because the hall simply has a limited capacity that we are not allowed to go over for safety reasons.

What's the location of the conference?

The conference will be held in the Marnix College. Prins Bernardlaan 30 Ede.

Not the main building, but the building on the opposite side of the road, see red pin.

Is the location accessible for the disabled?

The location has facilities for people with wheelchairs. There are no facilities for the hearing impaired or blind.

Is the location easily accessible?

The location is within walking distance of Ede Wageningen station. The location is also easily accessible by car. Take into account work on the railway and the roads in Ede.

Is there enough parking?

There are plenty of (unpaid) parking spaces available on site, but also in the immediate vicinity.

Is there a translation?
We have chosen to offer a translation to Dutch for the central sessions.
Will there be a lunch available?

While buying the tickets, there is also a possibility to order a good lunch at an attractive rate. Bringing your own lunch is of course also possible.

Will there be a diner available?

It is not possible for us to provide a dinner. There are no restaurants in the vicinity, only a few cafeterias. However, the time available is more than enough to visit one of the restaurants in the center of Ede. Suggestions can be requested from the organization during the conference.

Will there be coffee and tea?

Before and after the sessions there is a possibility to receive coffee and or tea. This is included in the price of the conference.

Is there a program or daycare for children?

With the exception of Sunday morning, there is no program or care for children.

Can I also attend only a part of the conference?

We want to encourage you to be present throughout the weekend to get the most out of the conference. If this is not possible for reasons, you can contact us. We will then look for a solution, so that you can also attend part of the conference.

What if I can't visit and have bought a ticket?
It’s a pity if it is not possible to come. The ticket can simply be sold to someone else. If this is not possible, the following conditions apply:
If you return before 1 August, you will receive 90% refund of the ticket amount.
From 1 August to 15 September you will receive 50% refund of the ticket amount.
After September 15, we can no longer refund.
The same principle applies to lunch tickets.
Are the speakers' books for sale during the conference?

The speakers bring their own books for sale. Eldad Productions will also be present with a (modest) book table. Cash and payment via bank is possible.

I have another question about this conference

If you still have a question, you can email it to us and we will answer it as soon as possible.

The conference is organized by: